Fill My Asbox (Rooster Teeth Edition!)
Gavin: Favorite Minecraft Let's Play(s)?
Michael: Favorite Rage Quit?
Ray: Favorite quote(s)?
Geoff: What video(s) make you laugh the hardest?
Jack: Who do you like the most at the office?
Ryan: Favorite GTA Let's Play(s)?
Lindsay: Favorite RT Couple (Or Ship)?
Caleb: Favorite Community map/video?
Kdin: Favorite Achievement Hunter editing moment?
Jon: Favorite T-Shirt?
Patrick: Favorite Poster?
Monty: Favorite RWBY/RVB character?
Miles: RWBY or RvB?
Kerry: What game did you like the most that they've played?
Ben: How'd you find out about Rooster Teeth?
Jordan: Favorite Animated Adventure?
JJ: Favorite Recap?
Chris: Favorite RT Life?
Barbara: Favorite RT Vine?
Adam: Favorite Joel and Adam Let's Play(s)?
Joel: Favorite RT Short?
Burnie: Favorite Podcast moment (or guest)?
Gus: Favorite argument (from anything)?


it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my…

チキンラーメンCM 「かまたまの歌 篇」 30秒 / 新垣結衣 (by 日清食品グループ公式チャンネル)


"sir what you did is literally 100 percent illegal"
"ok but get this: im a rich white person" 
"oh sorry about that sir" 


Real life: most common eye color is brown

Literature: eye color is anything but brown


*sees a cat*

me: holy shit


[puts hand on character’s shoulder] i wouldn’t be who i am today without you